who qualifies for disability

Under most circumstances, having a disability could impede how effectively you are able to work. You may even find it virtually impossible to keep or find a job. The good news is that the federal government offers disability benefits to those in need.

However, not everybody is able to qualify. So, who qualifies for disability? Let’s take a look.

You Must Meet the Legal Definition of ‘Disabled’

This is the most important criterion when determining whether or not you are able to qualify. There are multiple different types of disability recognized by the government, and your condition must be found within this list.

Many people wonder “does mental illness count as a disability?” The truth is that yes, certain mental conditions are formally recognized as disabilities by the government. In general, this only applies to conditions that prevent you from sufficiently working.

You Must Have Worked Recently Enough and Long Enough

If you have not been working recently or have only worked for a short period of time, you may not qualify. Unfortunately, the total amount of work that you need to have completed will change from year to year. For every $1470, you will learn one credit toward your employment in 2021.

This amount may change as time goes on. In general, you will need 40 credits in order to qualify for disability.

It’s also required that 20 of these credits have been obtained within the last 10 years since you became officially diagnosed as disabled.

Your Condition Must Be Considered Severe

Minor or benign conditions will not qualify you for disability benefits.

Your condition must be severe enough to impair you from completing common work-based activities. These include walking, standing, lifting, or retaining information.

The severity of your condition must also last at least 12 months. Conditions with short-term spikes in severity may not qualify you. Supplemental security income will help ensure that you have enough money to support yourself.

For a guide with more information, you can check it out here.

Your Disability Must Prevent You From Doing Other Types of Work

It’s entirely possible that your condition prevents you from returning to your previous job. However, it must also prevent you from finding other types of work.

The government will consider various factors when making this decision. For example, if you have an extensive amount of education and work experience, you may be able to transition into a less demanding role.

For those who have no other option after they lose their primary source of income, qualifying for disability benefits may be their last resort.

Who Qualifies For Disability, Exactly?

The above information has everything you need to know about whether or not you are able to take advantage of federal disability benefits.

So, remember this answer to ”who qualifies for disability” so that you can ensure you stay on the right track.

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