Are our attorneys worth the money? The question is, “How can I make sure I hire a good one?” In this article, we’ll explore the cost of hiring a lawyer, the lack of trust between clients and attorneys, and the processes to ensure their integrity. We’ll also discuss the importance of ensuring that the legal profession has a diverse workforce. Let’s get started. Listed below are a few things to consider when hiring an attorney.

Lack of trust between clients and lawyers

Unfortunately, four out of five legal leads will distrust their lawyer. Unlike a lack of trust between lawyers and clients, this distrust is not personal but rather affects the attorney-client relationship. The lead arrives at the attorney’s office feeling confused, out of control, and helpless. Consequently, the attorney is wearing a bullseye on his or her head. Here are a few ways that attorneys can repair the relationship with their clients.

The first step in repairing a deteriorating client-lawyer relationship is to establish a relationship of trust. Lawyers must listen to their clients and communicate openly. Lawyers should also be honest and realistic. Promises that don’t meet reality are likely to lead to a lack of trust on both sides. Clients must also feel comfortable confiding in their lawyers since it is only by doing so that they can develop a relationship based on trust.

Lack of diversity in the legal profession

In addition to promoting a more diverse workplace, legal organizations must strengthen commitments to equity and inclusion. This must be reflected in their policies, priorities, and rewards. Moreover, organizations should hold individuals accountable for their results. Diverse task forces, committees, and mentoring programs should be established to identify problems and monitor their success. For the sake of equity and inclusion, firms should not overlook the importance of hiring diverse lawyers and ensuring that their attorneys reflect the communities they serve.

The lack of diversity is evident throughout the legal profession. Although there are notable figures among minority and female attorneys in the legal field, 88 percent of attorneys in the United States are white. In addition, the legal profession is the least diverse career field. A recent study revealed that fewer than one in five attorneys are women. Further, the percentage of attorneys who are Black or Hispanic is relatively low – at four percent compared to the population of the U.S. at large. In addition, there is a significant dearth of attorneys of color and those with disabilities.

Processes in place to protect attorneys’ integrity

While attorneys may be required to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct to practice law, not all attorneys adhere to these rules. For example, a lawyer who fails to meet these obligations may face discipline from the state board of legal practice. Misconduct can take many forms, including missing deadlines, revealing confidential client discussions, or mishandling client funds. While some mistakes are relatively minor and easy to rectify, others can have serious consequences, including the loss of the right to practice law.

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