Legal Aid Society

The organization provides low-cost or free legal services to individuals who have low income. The cases legal aid society manages and the guidelines for qualifying for any legal services differ by jurisdiction. The funding for this business can come from regional, national, or local services. Legal aid society is generally a not-for-profit organization.

The company will normally have a board of directors that will determine which sort of cases will be managed and who will qualify to get their services. There are full-time staff lawyers that work for legal aid society. Some licensed lawyers that may offer their solutions. They may have a limited number of cases pro bono annually.

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  2. I have lost my inheritances due to POA stated she sold the estate of my mother for 10.000 lied. I have paid two attorneys and have not got a day in court. It was 2017 and then the COVID now they said its been 4 years. I just want my inheritance which my niece took. Can you please help me I pray COVID gives mercy.

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