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When two or more parties are in an accident, nobody wants to accept they are at fault. Probably, the other person may be claiming that you are responsible for the accident. It cannot be easy to win such a case without the evidence to support your case regardless of the injuries.

The party at fault will pay for the damages on the other party’s car and those resulting from the injuries. Therefore, it is critical to take the necessary steps to determine the individual liable for an accident.

Liability and Claims

Auto insurance covers the liability of car accidents. When there is no other party liable for the incident, you need to claim with your insurance company. However, you should file claims with the other party’s insurance provider when it is not your fault. The company will have an officer take the case to determine the claims. It is typical of adjusters to find ways of discrediting the case to avoid paying for damages. Therefore, it is vital to consult a car accident lawyer at to help with your claims.

An adjuster will look at the evidence to determine liability. It includes photos and videos of the scene when the accident happened. Also, they will assess the police report and talk to witnesses to determine who was at fault for the accident. So, it is vital to collect enough evidence to support your case. The initiative will help you establish the other party’s liability. Still, you will require legal help to handle the claims effectively. Insurance companies have lawyers who help them with the case, and it would be best to have a legal expert on your side. Ensure you consult a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer for your case.

Types of Evidence to Use in a Car Accident Claim

Having the relevant evidence to support your injury case will ensure you win and get suitable compensation for the damages. A car accident lawyer will help establish the other party’s liability. Below are the types of evidence you can use;

  • On-site evidence; includes factors that contributed to the accident and evidence to support it. You may have photographs of the tire marks on the road from skidding or obstacles leading to the accident.
  • Physical evidence; entails any tangible evidence you can present to the court to support the case. It can be objects contributing to the incident.
  • Medical reports; records from a medical assessment can support claims on a personal injury. It includes the doctor’s report, types of treatments, and costs to attaining full recovery.
  • Police report; police officers on the scene will write a report about the accident. Ensure you read it, sign, and get a copy for record-keeping.
  • Witness testimony; a third party’s testimony about the incident can help with car accident claims cases. A car accident lawyer can help you get testimony from a person who saw the accident in real-time. So, call the legal expert soon you are in an accident.


It is easier to convince the jury of the other person’s liability if you have photos and videos about the accident. You can use your smartphone to capture the incident as it was at the time of the accident.

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