Scaffolding Accidents

Accidents involving falls are some of the most common for construction workers, and falls from heights – such as from scaffolding – are some of the most dangerous construction accidents. If a scaffolding accident leaves you injured, you need the professional legal counsel of a Brooklyn construction accident attorney on your side.

The Statistics

According to the United States Department of Labor (DOL), a full 65 percent of construction enterprises work on scaffolds, which translates to about 2.3 million construction workers. In fact, scaffolding accidents account for about 4,500 injuries and for more than 60 fatalities each year. The majority of construction workers injured on scaffolding attribute scaffolding accidents either to planking or support that gives way, slipping off the scaffolding, or being struck by a falling object while on scaffolding. Close compliance with OSHA’s safety standards can help significantly reduce the risks associated with scaffolding.

Common Scaffolding Risks

Far too many scaffolding accidents are the result of falls, and these are frequently caused by risks such as the following:

  • Construction workers who do not have the necessary safety training
  • Missing or inadequate fall protections and fall arrest systems
  • Platforms that are too slippery to begin with or platforms made slippery by bad weather, spills, or anything else
  • Improper access to the scaffolding itself (such as employing the scaffolding’s railings instead of using a ladder)
  • Scaffolding with an unsafe slope or footing
  • Scaffolds staircases that lack the required slip-resistant landings
  • Scaffolding platforms that are cluttered with debris

Scaffolding accidents can also be structural in nature, including dangerous hazards like the following:

  • Scaffolding that is not safely secured to the structure being worked on
  • Base plates that are either missing or improperly installed
  • Guardrails or toeboards that are missing
  • Platform planks that are either missing, damaged, or otherwise defective
  • Braces or cross bracing that is missing
  • Broken pins
  • Scaffolding that lacks the appropriate counterweights
  • Scaffolding that bears more weight than it is intended to and/or that is overcrowded
  • Scaffolding that is not appropriately restrained from tipping by either tying, bracing, or guying

Scaffolding collapses are often the result of faulty construction or of inadequate maintenance and inspection. OSHA requires that all scaffolding and construction worksites be inspected regularly by those who are competent to do so. Scaffolding accidents are far too dangerous and far too common for construction companies not to dedicate adequate attention to scaffolding safety. Companies or property owners that fail to do so can result in serious injuries to workers.

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