Distracted Driving

Generally, there are two primary reasons why car accidents occur. The first one which leads most drivers into a crash is driver error. Driver error cab translates to several subcategories. However, the most significant driver error causing most accidents and crashes is distracted driving. The other reason is negligence.

As a result, most accidents occur when a driver tries to multitask while driving. Such behavior can be dangerous for the driver, passengers, and other people on the road. If you have been dragged into an accident due to a distracted driver, you should hire a Texas oilfield accident lawyer.

Besides, it would also help to familiarize yourself with the common factors leading to distracted driving.

Common causes leading to distracted driving:

  • Adjusting music or controls

Sometimes, drivers might need to adjust the air conditioner or want to start playing music. The driver would likely change the air conditioner or music controls in such a condition. It might seem like a minor and harmless action at first.

However, these actions divide the driver’s attention into two things and ultimately decrease it for driving. Irrespective of such activities, an accident can become likely and contribute to distracted driving.

  • Talking or texting

Another common reason leading drivers to distracted driving accidents is using cell phones while driving. Drivers who use their cell phones to text or talk to someone while driving are the most likely to have a crash. You should avoid using your cell phone while driving.

  • Talking to passengers

There might be times when a driver will accompany other passengers in the car. In such scenarios, talking to them while driving will be natural. It might seem like talking to other passengers while driving will not increase the chances of a crash.

While there might be a plus side to having another set of eyes on traffic, it could contribute to an accident. Drivers and passengers must avoid conversation while driving as it could quickly distract both of them and cause a crash as the focus can diminish.

  • Smoking

Some people might think smoking has nothing to do with car accidents. However, smoking while driving would mean that a driver only has one hand on the steering wheel, and the other would frequently be off the wheel. Dusting the cigarette for ash or cinders can create additional risk.

It would be advisable for smokers not to smoke while driving a car. Otherwise, decreased control over the vehicle can increase the chances of an accident. Similarly, it would be helpful for car accident victims related to a smoker to hire an attorney in Texas.

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