Dangers Oilfield Workers Face 

It is known that some industries are significantly more dangerous to work in than others. One such industry is oilfield work. Oilfield workers face numerous risks and dangerous situations that can lead to complicated problems. If you have been injured due to an oilfield accident on the job, contact a Texas oilfield accident lawyer today and learn how to protect your rights.

What are the common dangers faced by oilfield workers on the job?

Knowing the possible dangers and risks of working in an oilfield can help you avoid a life-threatening situation. Some of the most common dangers that oilfield workers face on the job are:

  • Transportation risks

Transportation risks are probably the most common cause of oilfield accidents. Vehicle risks can even lead to the death of oilfield workers. Oilfield workers have unpredictable work schedules and usually have long shifts. This means that they are prone to fatigue and drowsy driving. Workers who frequently transport themselves between work sites are more prone to vehicle accidents.

  • Toxic exposures

People in the oil and gas industries must work with potentially toxic materials daily. Toxic exposure is a huge risk to oilfield workers. This can happen due to accidental contact with a toxic substance or, more commonly, prolonged exposure to a toxic material over a long period.

  • Fires and explosion

The risks of explosions and fires are almost impossible to eliminate in the oil and gas industries. However, these risks pose an even greater threat when workers fail to control fire hazards. Working with oils and gases means that even a single spark can cause a catastrophic explosion.

  • Fall injuries

Many oilfield workers work on platforms very high up from the ground. Hazards such as good slippery pads, demanding physical tasks, cords and cables, and heavy operating machinery can significantly increase the risks of slip and fall accidents, resulting in serious injuries or even death.

  • Crush and contact injuries

Oilfield workers have to work with extremely heavy machinery frequently. Unfortunately, crush and contact injuries are extremely common in the oilfield industry. Workers can get injured by getting crushed by heavy objects, struck by them, or coming in between two heavy objects.

Speak to an attorney today

The oilfield industry is notorious for being one of the most dangerous industries to work in. If you have been involved in an accident at work, you deserve compensation for covering your damages. Get in touch with an experienced Oilfield accident lawyer today and determine your legal options.

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