The latest celebrity to try to obtain an NFL football team is none other than Matthew Jacobs, better known as Kaepernick. Formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, he was traded to the Denver Broncos after sitting out the whole 2020 season. He is currently a free agent and has not ruled out playing in the NFL again in the future. If you’re a diehard fan, you may be aware that he got into a car accident last Sunday in Denver that injured his knee. While he is being treated for his injury, the NFL has yet to announce if he will be available for this upcoming postseason game against the Ravens.

Matthew Jacobs Lawyer

In one of his more famous lines, “We’ll see,” it seemed as though he was referring to the team’s chances of winning against the Ravens. With that in mind, many will wonder how a well-known lawyer with a football background can get along with the people on the opposing team and what exactly his role will be. Many of his friends have criticized him on social media and his new lawyer, Michael Winters, has even stated that the situation is under review. It seems that there may be some bad blood coming from the San Francisco 49ers towards their star player, depending on what you believe.

  • One issue that may come up is whether or not Matthew Jacobs’ lawyer, Michael Winters, will be able to get access to the police report involving the accident. The incident happened early in the morning on Sunday, just before the team was scheduled to fly to Baltimore to take on the Baltimore Ravens. As you may know, the west coast Eagles were supposed to fly to Baltimore on Monday for their game against the Ravens, but they pulled out of that plan due to the unnecessary delays that the trip caused. It will be interesting to see if anything comes out in regards to this. There was apparently an audio recording made by a police officer who is handling the case, and it could be embarrassing for the team if it can somehow be played and discovered during a deposition.
  • The team is still expected to play next week, which would obviously affect the team’s season, and although the Eagles would love to win against the Ravens, they don’t want to take any chances right now. In the mean time, it will be interesting to see what happens with the lawyers involved, since if anything comes out, it could very well ruin what has so far been an excellent relationship between the team and their fans. Some people are even saying that this entire situation is some sort of payback for the Colin Kapernick affair, because the team obviously did not do their job when dealing with Kapernick.
  • If the NFL players feel that their rights are being violated, then there is no reason why the team’s coach, Chip Kelly, should stand for it. The players have the right to choose their legal representation, and it would be terrible if the team’s lawyer decided to side with the players in this dispute. If the lawyer does end up going with the players, then there is a good chance that the players could sue the team for unfair treatment. If the lawyer decides to go with the players, then the players could end up having a lot of trouble, since they will have less of a chance to get their fair treatment from the legal professionals.

There is no sure thing as to what the NFL is going to do in this whole situation, but one thing is for sure. Everyone in the NFL stands behind their players and the decision they make. Right now, Colin Kapernick is sitting back to wait for the NFL to solve this problem, but he might be in for a rough time. The lawyer, along with all the others involved, need to make sure that the league does not violate any laws in this situation.

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