Car Accidents

Car accidents happen all over the world, every single day. Fortunately, the majority of them aren’t serious. Knowing the most common car accidents could help you to avoid being in a crash.

Take a look at these top five most common reasons for car accidents and learn how you can protect yourself and others by avoiding them.

1. Rear-End Crashes

The recommendation when driving is to stay two cars length away from the driver in front. If the weather conditions are extreme, you should extend this length. However, many drivers don’t pay attention to this rule.

If a driver is driving close to the vehicle in front, it’s more likely an accident can happen. If the driver in front suddenly brakes for any reason, the driver behind doesn’t have enough stopping distance to avoid an accident. Keep a reasonable distance from the driver in front, even when you know the roads well.

2. Clipping Other Cars

Clipping other cars when merging into a different lane is another common car accident. These types of car crashes occur when a driver fails to check all of his blind spots or merges too quickly. Most of these accidents aren’t serious but they have the potential to be.

Cars are often merging at speed so it’s not unheard of for car accident injuries to occur. If you’ve been injured because of a distracted driver during a clipping accident, have a look at the type of compensation you could receive.

3. Single-Car Crashes

It’s common for new drivers to get into single-vehicle car crashes. Some of these crashes may include slipping on ice, running off the road, or crashing into something stationary. You can avoid these types of accidents by taking your time to become a confident driver.

It can also help new drivers to avoid extreme weather conditions like torrential rain, snow, and ice.

4. T-Bone Accidents

T-Bone accidents most often occur at a place where traffic crosses. For example, at a stop sign or traffic lights. The best way you can avoid these accidents is by following the traffic laws and taking your time.

However, not all drivers will do the same. It’s important to be extra vigilant when crossing a road while driving and watch for what drivers are doing, rather than just what the traffic lights say.

5. Low-Speed Accidents

Sadly, many types of low-speed accidents occur frequently. From car parking to fender benders and pedestrian accidents, the severity can range from mild to severe. Again, the best way to avoid these accidents is to be extra cautious when driving.

Avoiding Car Accidents

Avoiding car accidents isn’t always easy, especially when another driver is at fault. If you do everything within your power to avoid an accident, you’re far less likely to be involved in one. Always follow traffic laws and avoid all distractions.

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