The National List of Attorneys (NL) is a directory of contingency fee law firms that specialize in collecting, defending, and subrogating against claims from third parties. The NL was founded by Jeffrey Zuck and Michael Kennedy, two visionary entrepreneurs with over 40 years of experience in the legal and ARM industries. In 2007, Zuck purchased The NL and grew it into a Pay-For-Performance marketing powerhouse. He also created a digital directory to connect clients with the right law firm. Using secure API data transfer technology, the NL is now a national directory of attorneys.

Espana is a national list of attorneys

Mr. Espana is an accomplished trial attorney with extensive experience in white-collar litigation, commercial litigation, and securities law. He has represented clients in bankruptcy-related litigation, criminal investigations, and commercial disputes, and is recognized by national and regional publications as a Rising Star. Mr. Espana has been recognized as a Top Lawyer Under 40 by the Hispanic National Bar Association. He was also recognized as one of the country’s Top 40 Under 40 by Global Investigations Review.

The Iberian Legal Group sponsors the annual “Labour Awards Spain” as an incentive for the legal sector. These awards, which will be handed out in 2021, will recognize outstanding contributions by legal professionals in the Spanish legal profession. The jury will make a decision based on the criteria of a particular case, and a list of Finalists will be published. The Iberian Legal Group will chair the Jury to select the winner.

Michael Kennedy is a national list of attorneys

Among Michael Kennedy’s many accomplishments is the defense of Rennie Davis, a member of the radical group Weathermen, who was accused of conspiracy during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. He also successfully defended the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, an organization led by Timothy Leary. His other work includes the acquittal of a Native American from the Wounded Knee Massacre, as well as the defense of six Latino youths accused of raising money for the Irish Republican Army.

Kennedy’s legal practice files include biographical information, legal precedent, clippings, and speeches. His speeches cover a wide range of subjects, including constitutional defenses and jury trial work. During his legal career, he also established himself as an authority in constitutional law and first amendment libel laws. He also became an international expert on search and seizure law and privacy rights. In addition, he tried numerous cases that raised constitutional due process and fair trial issues. During his time in the legal profession, Kennedy also authored many articles and other pieces addressing these issues.

In addition to being a top lawyer, Michael Kennedy has also earned a distinguished career in public service. He was a peace officer in the California Youth Authority. He served as President of the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation. He was also a former Maricopa County Bar Association president and was inducted into the Maricopa County Bar Association Hall of Fame. Among the honors, he has received is his recognition as a “Best Lawyer” by Best Lawyers in America. Additionally, he has been recognized by Chambers USA since 2003, and Southwest Super Lawyers since 2007. Similarly, he was recognized as a “Super Lawyer” by the National List of Attorneys in 2013.

Jeffrey Zuck founded the National List of Attorneys

The National List of Attorneys is a leading worldwide attorney referral service. Members include attorneys specializing in commercial debt collection, consumer debt collection, subrogation, insurance defense, bankruptcy, and transportation. The company also offers a $3.5 million insurance policy. It was founded by Jeffrey Zuck, a visionary businessman with more than 35 years of experience in the debt collection industry. In addition, the National List includes members who are in the process of starting or expanding a collection practice.

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