Louisville DUI attorney Jason Brown

For anyone who has been arrested for a DUI or for any other DUI offense, it is important to contact a qualified, experienced attorney in the area that specializes in handling these cases. A good lawyer will be able to take an individual through the legal process and present the right argument when defending their client from the charges.

Louisville DUI attorney Jason Brown

Louisville DUI attorney Jason Brown is a former assistant district attorney and also has been involved in numerous DUI cases throughout his career. He has represented many of these people in the court and knows exactly what the charges mean and how they relate to a person’s legal situation. With so many different laws and statutes involved with DUI cases, it is important that the right representation is sought and that the attorney that a person decides to hire understands all of the laws and is familiar with all of the processes associated with these cases.

  • Most people that are charged with a DUI will go to a local judge in order to plead their case. If they win this case, they may not have to face the penalties that are associated with their crime. If they lose, however, then they could be subjected to jail time.
  • The first thing that the judge does is hear both sides of the DUI case. The prosecutor will tell the judge the story of why they believe that the individual should face jail time while the defense lawyer will try to convince the judge to let the person off with probation or some other type of leniency. The judge will then make his own decision. This is usually based upon whether or not the defendant is driving under the influence or not, whether or not he had previous DUI convictions, and the judge will determine if he has been advised of his rights by his attorney.
  • After this, Jason Brown will be able to present his side of the story to the judge in front of the jury. It is important for a DUI attorney to be able to present the best possible case. He should be able to talk about all of the facts surrounding the incident and any issues that may arise from the case, as well as explain why he believes that the case should go to trial in the first place. He will also be able to show the judge a number of the necessary evidence that will prove that the defendant is guilty.
  • A good lawyer should not only be able to convince the judge to have the case heard, but he or she should also be able to persuade the jury that the defendant is innocent. if the case goes to trial. After all of the evidence has been presented, the defendant’s lawyer will be able to show all of the evidence that supports their claim and that the defendant was not driving under the influence at the time of the arrest.
  • Jason Brown can help with other things as well, as many cases do not involve just the prosecution and the defense. If there is a hit-and-run incident or a drunk driving case, then an attorney will be able to work on other things as well. This can include things like child support, getting a driver’s license suspended, fines, and even insurance charges for the driver if the case goes to trial.

If you have a DUI and are looking for a good representation, a qualified lawyer can be the perfect solution to your problems. They should be knowledgeable and able to work hard on the case, presenting their side of the story and proving that you are innocent. If the case is resolved in the proper manner and there are no jail time or other complications, then an attorney can help you get on your way to getting your life back to normal and feeling confident in the knowledge that you are going to be able to stand up in court when the jury is considering your case.

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