Getting Caesars to Quit Out of Our Online Casino Business

Caesars Entertainment has been a force to reckon with in the gambling world for many years and it has been trying to protect its name and good name for quite some time. The Caesars Entertainment lawsuit was filed back in 2021. Back then, it was brought by Steve Wynn, one of the richest men in Las Vegas. He was actually trying to sue the online casino for deceiving him into signing a contract that would make it easier for him to wager on any Caesars casino games.

Caesars Entertainment Lawsuit

As part of the agreement, Wynn was also agreeing to provide the online casino with a marketing campaign. In other words, he would be getting a percentage of all profits made from these Caesars games.

As part of this agreement, he was also being forced to give out certain information to the online casino such as the names and amounts of all winning hands that were generated on his casino machines. All of this information came from Steve Wynn’s knowledge and expertise.

This is when things got ugly between Steve Wynn and the Caesars Entertainment Company.

This is when they were trying to use this man’s good name against him in the hopes that they could silence him and take away his ability to bring in more money from casinos. As a direct result of this, Steve Wynn filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all of the individuals that he claimed lost money due to being deceived by this corporation.

This class-action lawsuit also named the very well-known celebrity who was known at that time for being a big part of the Caesars Entertainment brand. His name is Markipliest among other Caesars Entertainment employees and that is why his lawsuit was believed to be the most significant in terms of the issue.

After a year and a half, and the help of hundreds of attorneys and investigators, Steve Wynn and his camp filed their final legal briefs to try and get the class-action lawsuit thrown out.

This included both personal and factual accusations against the Caesars Entertainment Company, and their parent company, Universal Studios. In the legal briefs they maintained that the company had “adversely” influenced Steve Wynn’s decision to leave his own home business, which led to him losing more money in his online casino business.

They also claimed that the parent company, Universal Studios, “actively and negligently” promoted its own products inside of the online casino through Caesars’ gaming channels, which “contradict” the stipulations in Steve Wynn’s employment agreement. These facts had been cited numerous times in the legal filings.

The crux of the matter ultimately came down to a personal grudge war that had festered over several years between Steve Wynn and the entire Entertainment Capital Group.

There was a time when Steve Wynn was fired from his position as CEO of Universal Studio Hollywood, but it appears that the hostility between the two parties boiled over to their current offices. Some insiders believed that the hostility had begun as early as the purchase of a majority stake in the now bankrupt Wachovia Bank, which contributed greatly to Steve Wynn’s ouster from the company.

In fact, he was livid at the time over the whole situation, as the whole board of directors and studios were “holding the company hostage,” according to sources.

Despite the heated atmosphere leading up to the lawsuit, Steve Wynn eventually prevailed in getting the lawsuit thrown out. The lawsuits had run its course, and now state law enforcement officials were wrapping up their investigation into the online casino company. Hopefully this chapter in the Steve Wynn saga is finally over. Only time will tell.

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