The Fizz on KeVita’s Lawsuit: What’s the Brewhaha About?

Remember that fizzy kombucha you grab from the fridge, claiming to be packed with gut-friendly probiotics? KeVita, a popular brand, found itself in hot water (pun intended) thanks to a lawsuit that questioned the authenticity of its “live” probiotic claims. But before you ditch your kombucha habit, let’s unpack this legal saga.

The Core of the Case:

A 2017 class-action lawsuit alleged that KeVita misled consumers by labeling its Master Brew Kombucha as containing “live probiotics” despite being pasteurized. Pasteurization, while ensuring safety, kills most bacteria, including potentially beneficial ones. The lawsuit argued that this contradicted KeVita’s claims about live probiotics and their health benefits, essentially accusing them of false advertising.

The Fermentation Feud:

The case ignited a debate within the kombucha industry. Some, like the plaintiff, believe “true” kombucha should be unpasteurized to retain live probiotics. Others argue that pasteurization, while killing some bacteria, can still offer health benefits and extend shelf life. This highlights the murky definition of “kombucha” and consumer expectations around its supposed health properties.

Settling the Fizz:

The lawsuit reached a settlement in 2020, requiring KeVita to clarify its labeling and offer refunds to eligible consumers. While KeVita maintains it acted lawfully, the settlement suggests acknowledging consumer concerns about transparency and product claims.

So, what does this mean for you?

As a kombucha enthusiast, it’s crucial to be an informed consumer. Read labels carefully, understand pasteurization’s implications, and research brands to align with your preferences. Remember, kombucha comes with various production methods, each with its own merits and drawbacks. Choose what resonates with you, and most importantly, enjoy the bubbly goodness responsibly!


Is all kombucha pasteurized?

No, some brands offer raw, unpasteurized kombucha, but it requires proper handling and refrigeration.

Does pasteurization eliminate all health benefits?

No, research suggests it might preserve some beneficial bacteria and other kombucha components.

Should I stop drinking KeVita?

The choice is yours. Consider the settlement, your health priorities, and brand transparency when making your decision.

What are other kombucha brands I can try?

Many brands offer various kombucha types, from raw to pasteurized. Research and compare options to find your perfect match.

Does this affect other fermented beverages?

Similar debates exist around other fermented products like yogurt. Be mindful of labeling and production methods when making informed choices.

Where can I learn more about kombucha?

The American Kombucha Brewers Association website offers valuable information and resources: <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed>

Remember, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to navigating the ever-evolving world of fermented beverages. Stay informed, sip responsibly, and enjoy the unique flavors and potential health benefits of kombucha!

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