Personal Injury

After being injured in an accident, filing for a personal injury case is the obvious next step. However, one question that many people ask themselves is how do they go about getting the most out of their case? Well, you need to do a few things before accepting an offer from the defendant. Let us look at some of them;

1. Gather evidence

The first thing you should do is make a written record of the accident, who was involved, and what happened. You should do this as soon as possible for several reasons. One is that memory can fade over time, and details may not be remembered correctly. Another is that evidence such as security footage may also disappear or become unavailable if it isn’t grabbed quickly enough.

2. Find out where you stand financially

The last thing anyone needs to have on their plate after sustaining an injury from a car accident is figuring out how they are going to pay their bills while they aren’t able to work. In order to determine whether or not you even have a case, you need to know how much your medical expenses will end up being and look into lost wages if any.

3. Make a list of all the potential witnesses

This may include people who saw how the accident transpired, emergency personnel who tried to help you, and other drivers or passengers involved in the accident. If there are any security cameras in the area where you were struck, take note of their locations as well so that your attorney from can inquire if they have footage of what happened.

4. Gather documentation from witnesses and insurance companies

Once you have talked with everyone involved and written down details about them (including contact information), pass this information along to your attorney so that they have it ready for use when cross-examination time comes around. It’s also very helpful if either party (driver/passenger) was carrying documentation at the time of the accident. This could be something like an insurance card, driver’s license or registration, etc. Show that documentation to your catastrophic injury lawyers right away.

5. Go over the events of the day

Review with your attorney, in detail, exactly what happened on the day you were involved in the accident. Make sure you tell them about everything; don’t assume they know anything based only on police reports or witness statements (which can be incorrect). If there was alcohol involved, it is best, to be honest about this with your personal injury attorney. This will enable them to know how to best handle your case.


Following the above-mentioned tips will help you build a stronger case for yourself. Remember, personal injury cases are very complicated to handle. You need someone on your side who knows all of the ins and outs of these cases and can take advantage of every opportunity presented in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

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