For clients in need of bankruptcy assistance, it is important to find a firm with bankruptcy attorneys in Norfolk. These attorneys can help protect the client’s assets while facilitating the filing process. A bankruptcy attorney may recommend a chapter 7 liquidation or chapter 13 repayment. However, before hiring a firm, it is imperative to review their credentials and experience. Listed below are some of the main questions bankruptcy attorneys in Norfolk will ask you.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If you have fallen into the debt trap, you may be considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This process is an important step towards a better financial future, but you might not be aware of all of the details involved. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t delay hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Norfolk, Virginia. While this service is often expensive, it is worthwhile when it comes to answering questions and preparing the paperwork required for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The Goodman Allen Donnelly bankruptcy law firm in Norfolk, VA, provides debt relief services to individuals and businesses in need. The firm’s attorneys have decades of combined experience in bankruptcy law and are dedicated to helping clients solve their financial problems. In addition to bankruptcy, they specialize in commercial litigation, representing lenders and creditors in bankruptcy cases. And they handle contested divorce claims as well. Regardless of your financial situation, we can help you find the most suitable bankruptcy attorney for your needs.

Most Chapter 7 filers choose this option because they have a high amount of unsecured debt. They can keep their home and vehicle if they can make payments. The most common unsecured debt is medical bills. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can also wipe out some tax refunds and other financial assets. But it’s important to note that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can’t discharge all kinds of debt. There are exceptions, however, which allow debtors to keep certain properties.

Non-dischargeable tax debts

For a Norfolk, Virginia bankruptcy attorney, there are several things you should know. Bankruptcy attorneys can help you protect your assets and get back on track. There are also numerous options available for tax relief if you can’t pay your bills. The best bankruptcy attorneys in Norfolk, Va., will handle your case from start to finish. Some of them specialize in different areas of bankruptcy law, such as judgment collections, trustee representation, and commercial litigation.

The Law Offices of Tom C. Smith are a Norfolk bankruptcy law firm that offers a full range of services. Among them are bankruptcy, debt reduction, and creditors’ rights. They also offer a stress-free atmosphere and are well-versed in the complexities of bankruptcy. Their attorneys are members of the Virginia State Bar and the Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association.

When filing for bankruptcy, make sure you hire a firm that specializes in non-dischargeable tax debts. This will ensure that your creditors understand your situation and are willing to work with you. They will be able to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and help you get the best settlement possible. And remember that non-dischargeable tax debts are not dischargeable unless they are the result of fraud.

Non-dischargeable spousal/child support obligations

A person filing for bankruptcy often wonders if their spousal/child support obligations are dischargeable. The truth is that many financial obligations are not dischargeable. Including monthly mortgage payments or car payments in this category can be tricky. A bankruptcy attorney in Norfolk VA can help you determine the status of such obligations. If your obligation is non-dischargeable, you will need to file a chapter 13 to pay it off.

Anthony L. Montagna, III is a highly rated and experienced family lawyer in Norfolk and the surrounding area. He is the son of a veteran and a former partner at Montagna & Montagna, P.C. and has been practicing law for nearly 20 years. He has extensive legal experience, is familiar with the laws, and is known for his aggressive approach in court.

Aside from being non-dischargeable, spousal/child support obligations are also non-dischargeable. Virginia law requires both parents to provide support for their children. Child support payments are calculated based on the combined incomes of both parents. The bankruptcy attorney in Norfolk VA can assist you in calculating your child support obligation based on your income and the circumstances of your case.

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