Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Animal Legal Defense fund is a nonprofit animal law advocacy group. Its stated purpose is to help animals, their rights, and the legal process through the legal system so that animals can enjoy their rights as well.

The foundation of this group was started in 1989 as the Animal Rights and Welfare Society by two animal rights lawyers. The name has changed over time to become more specific. Today the Animal Legal Defense Fund works closely with other animal rights organizations to ensure that their legal needs are met and that the rights of animals are protected throughout the country. This is done by providing legal assistance to organizations and individuals who need representation.

The group was founded by attorneys who were involved with the Animal Rights Movement. The founders are both members of the Animal Law Center. Many of the same members who helped start the Animal Rights Movement are now on the board of directors of the Animal Legal Defense fund. Other members of the staff and board are from the Animal Law Center and Animal Law Foundation. All of these groups work together to ensure that all animals have the protection they deserve.

In its early days, the Animal Rights movement worked to promote the humane treatment of animals used for food and entertainment. Now, this work continues by working to make sure that animals are treated properly while in the custody of animal owners of various businesses that use them for commercial purposes. Animals that are mistreated will suffer further harm than they would without legal protection.

The Animal Legal Defense fund is also committed to protecting the rights of animals who are abused by human beings. This includes issues like puppy mills, shelters that breed animals, animal shelters and animal abuse attorney’s who work to defend animals from abusive treatment in the court of law.

Many times animal owners who abuse other animals are charged with crimes such as animal cruelty and neglect because they are being prosecuted for their own actions. Unfortunately, if these charges are dropped the owner is left without the financial means to pay for medical care or court costs. Without the help of this legal fund the owner’s only recourse is to plead guilty or no contest in exchange for leaving the animal alone.

The Animal Legal Defense fund provides funding for the defense of those charged with cruelty to animals. The attorneys provided by the fund are fully funded and have access to all types of resources so that they can ensure that animals receive the best possible representation. In most cases, this includes private funding. The funding provided is used to hire a criminal attorney who will investigate the case on a pro Bono basis.

To learn more about the work of the Animal Legal Defense fund you can visit the organization’s website. If you want to become involved you can email the fund’s director or email the fund itself.

The Animal Rights fund believes that the protection of animals should be considered a civil right. This is why the fund provides funding to attorneys that fight to improve animal laws across the country. The fund is also dedicated to fighting animal cruelty cases.

To find out more about animal rights and what your rights are you can visit the Animal Legal Defense Fund website. You can learn about the different types of legal assistance that your local animal rights attorney has access to and what their fees are and how to request one.

In addition to animal rights your local attorney may be able to provide you with other services including representation for dog and cat owners who have been accused of violating state and/or federal laws. In these cases it is best to consult with your local animal rights attorney before you decide to go to court.

The attorney will help you determine whether or not to proceed with the case. It is best to have an attorney represent you in this case rather than trying to represent yourself.

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