The fifth estate is an intriguing novel regarding a recent murder in the San Fernando Valley. The murder has a disturbing undertone: an individual known to many as “The Purple Eye,” was involved in an elaborate conspiracy, involving police officers, lawyers and businessmen, in order to cover up the fact that the murder had taken place. While on the run from the law, the Purple Eye makes his way through Los Angeles, apparently with the help of an accomplice. As he walks along the Hollywood Boulevards, the “Purple Eye” car drives erratically. Meanwhile, the publicist hired by the suspect, Norm Abram, tries to make contact with the suspect, using his influence to get the confession that he needs.

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Eventually, a bond hearing is set in which the judge decides that the confession should be admitted as part of the testimony. Unfortunately, however, this decision would turn out to be a critical mistake, as it would lead to one of the most shocking miscarriages of justice in modern times. The Fifth Estate chronicles the attempts of the prosecuting attorneys, Los Angeles Police Department detectives, and a private investigator to find the real perpetrators of the crime, while at the same time trying to keep the public from ever finding out about the real reasons why the investigation was undertaken in the first place.

The book traces the trail of the suspect to his residence in Beverly Hills, and follows him there in an effort to catch him there.

Eventually, the story leads the characters to the penthouse of the Century Palace, where the “Purple Eye” is arrested for impersonating a police officer. This turns out to be a valuable piece of evidence against him, and the case goes to trial before the Los Angeles District Attorney. Edward Bell, Jr., is the main protagonist of the story, a young attorney who is brought in by the district attorney to represent the innocent people being targeted by the “Purple Eye.”

Although he knows there are many political trials going on simultaneously, he is eager to work on this case because his personal life has been hit hard by the events that unfold.

A friend of his who is a former congressional candidate stands accused of being part of a conspiracy, as well. He is charged with attempting to bribe a member of Congress. Because the two men are sitting on opposite ends of the political spectrum, the trial is fought between them, and the outcome could have huge political implications for the city government of Beverly Hills.

In addition to the personal drama between the defendants and the defense lawyer, some interesting legal issues are raised in the course of the story.

One of these is a struggle between what some see as a violation of the first amendment, and what the majority view as an essential part of democracy. Bell believes that mass mobilization and political trials like the one that take place in Beverly Hills are a necessary component of maintaining order and ensuring peace among communities. Many see these mass gatherings as an effort by the city government to stifle dissent and rebellion.

The stories of victims of the Bell crime, and other mass disturbances, often remind us of the pressing need for open dialogue between powerful forces and those who would serve them.

It seems that the mere presence of large numbers of people in a small area can agitate law enforcement officials into taking drastic action, often disproportionate to the problem at hand. For anyone who has ever suffered physical symptoms after participating in political trials, such as Bell did, it’s important to know that any person who cannot participate freely in free speech is not properly represented under the law. Whether you agree with the outcomes or not, the right to a fair trial must always be protected, even when large numbers of people are affected by such events.

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