The mini Cooper lawsuit is one of a number of lawsuits filed against a major car maker in the U.S.A. The class action lawsuit, launched in January 2021, claims that certain models of BMW automobiles, made by the now bankrupt company, are dangerous to drive due to the faulty energy steering systems.

The lawsuit further claims that BMW, maker of both the MINI Coopers and BMW 3rd series, issued an internal safety recall in the U.S. to all these same autos, yet again, no such recall has been issued in Canada. According to the complaint, this negligence on the part of BMW, has resulted in thousands of potentially dangerous injuries and fatalities to drivers of these vehicles. If true, this would certainly add fuel to the ongoing debate about the fuel economy of vehicles and their safety as a result.

Mini Cooper Lawsuit

The complaint states that the two cars in question, the BMW convertibles and Mini Cooper hatchbacks, were sold by the now-defunct American Honda Company. These cars were manufactured at least twenty years ago and that date is when they became “over-engineered,” according to the complaint. The complaint also indicates that the design of the energy management system in the cars was so flawed that it led to the cars overheating, which in turn caused the brakes to burn out and ultimately cause the passengers to fall out.

The plaintiffs further charge that BMW failed to conduct any tests or analysis that would prove or disprove that such overheating was not possible and did not take into consideration the fact that such overheating could result in serious injury or even death. Therefore, they argue, there is negligence on the part of BMW to compensate for those who were injured in the events described above.

The first generation BMW cars had a faulty transmission system that had many risks associated with it.

plaintiffs argue that this was known by the first generation BMW owners and that they did nothing to rectify the problem or inform the manufacturer about the danger of allowing the first generation cars to continue. The second generation BMWs were built with a new, updated, and safe transmission system.

This new transmission system was also designed to prevent overheating. Unfortunately, plaintiffs say that once the new BMW models were released, there was absolutely no attempt to notify the general public or to repair the defective units. As a result, as previously noted, there was a high probability that the vehicles on the road today would have been damaged or at least would have developed some malfunction due to the faulty transmission.

Finally, the plaintiffs contend that the defects in the BMWs and Minicomps that they purchased directly from BMW did not have to be connected to the dealership or their car dealer networks, but were caused by the car dealers themselves.

Essentially, the BMW and Minicomps owners purchased cars with known problems, such as a continuously-variable transmission, without taking care to investigate or learn whether such a transmission might be problematic. In doing so, plaintiffs argue that BMW and Minicomps knowingly and negligently sold cars with known transmission problems and, as a result, injured consumers who relied on the cars’ ability to operate properly.

According to the plaintiffs law firm, if you own a BMW or a Mini Cooper, you are urged to contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

First, you should contact a personal injury law firm. Next, you should obtain and review a copy of your vehicle’s warranty, as well as confirm that the vehicle itself is covered under that warranty. If not, it is advisable to speak with an auto transmission expert to determine the cause of your transmission failure.

The plaintiffs law firm is aware that many individuals have already been injured as a result of BMW and Minicomps vehicles.

However, they are aware that more suits will be filed against the manufacturers as a result of those injuries. In the mean time, it is important for you to retain the services of a reputable car transmission attorney to represent you in the courtroom and ensure that your legal case receives the maximum amount of attention and protection.

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