Many people are familiar with Western Dental Lawsuits. These lawsuits occur in a variety of circumstances such as, negligence on the part of the dentist or dental office, or deliberate malpractice. The reason for this is that a lawsuit is only filed when an injury has occurred to an individual. For instance, someone may visit their dentist to get their tooth pulled and are injured while in their office.

Once an injury has occurred, whether it be accidental or malicious, the person can then bring an oral care lawsuit against the dentist, clinic, or other medical care provider. Most attorneys that handle cases involving dentistry do not charge their clients for filing a dental lawsuit and the case may be settled out of court or through litigation.

While this can be a very stressful time for the plaintiff and defendant, there are steps you can take to prevent further legal action. If you feel that you have been mistreated by the dentist or other dental office or clinic, you should report this to the State Medical Board. You will most likely be informed that your claim has been filed but the board will also tell you that you may need to obtain more information before they make any disciplinary actions.

If you do file a dental care lawsuit, you may be entitled to monetary compensation, medical bills, pain and suffering, and even emotional distress. This is all dependent on the specific circumstances of your situation and what type of injuries were sustained. It is best to consult with a reputable attorney prior to filing any type of lawsuit against a dentist.

If you are unsure whether or not you are legally entitled to receive damages, you may be able to obtain financial compensation from the insurance company for coverage that was lost. A good attorney will review your medical records and make sure that you do have the right type of insurance coverage.

You can also sue the dentist’s office in question for dental services that were rendered improperly, which is known as malpractice. The insurance company may cover this cost but you may be required to pay out-of-pocket for your own medical bills.

If you do not have any insurance policy from your dentist, you may be able to receive compensation by getting a medical bill of at a discounted rate. You may also be entitled to reimbursement for lost wages due to not being able to work or function normally. Additionally, if you suffer permanent disability as a result of being unable to function properly, you may receive compensatory damages.

The success of any oral care lawsuit will largely depend on the type of injury sustained as well as the negligence or carelessness of the dentist or clinic. In some cases, there may be no other recourse available and the matter can be settled out of court.

If you are experiencing any pain, swelling, redness or a change in gums, teeth, or even the ability to eat properly due to the injury or discomfort that you suffer, you should go to the dentist’s office immediately. Not only will you receive the full treatment needed for your particular condition, but you will also be compensated for your loss of income due to not being able to work.

If you are involved in a Western dental care lawsuit, the first thing that you should do is seek legal advice from an attorney who specializes in such cases. You may be eligible to obtain compensation for your dental services that were rendered in negligence by your dentist.

Once you file the lawsuit, you will be able to negotiate with your dentist on the type of settlement you would like to receive or obtain via a settlement agreement. Most often, the first step is to file a claim, which involves submitting the necessary documents.

An attorney can provide you with the proper guidance on how to proceed with the case. Many attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning they are paid a percentage of any settlement you receive for your services.

5 thoughts on “How to Handle a Western Dental Lawsuit

  1. I have been going to Western Dental since 2020. And they still have been unable to finish the work they started leaving it partially finished and now the dentist quit. The company. Nobody else can work on me. There is no dentist there. Western Dental incompetence affected my ability to earn a living because of myself not being able to pronounce words correctly. And there’s lots and lots more.

  2. Hello. I’m reaching out because I’m frustrated with them as well. I had them put on braces for my daughter. There is never any available dentist and appointments keep getting rescheduled. At this rate her braces would take 10 years. I wanted a refund….they had charged my insurance $1000 and myself $4000. And now…just for one visit and putting on brackets and band only on her top teeth, they only refunded me $1900. I was wondering if you started a lawsuit…I would like to also take part.

    1. Same. charged for 3 years, when other ortho consult say it takes only 18 months. Constantly scheduling appointments incorrectly, Charged 3k for visits. Also performed extractions which seemed to be overkill and negligent.

  3. I hate that I had to go to then because of, you guessed it, money! Had a horrific experience having a tooth pulled and their version of bone graphing was nothing short of a horror movie. I am so traumatized. They use little pieces of sharp bone that they stuff in the socket. And over next two weeks pieces kept coming out and even lodged into my gum. I had to use a tooth pick to get them out. It was so horrible!!!

    1. Hello Christine, I had the same issue with Western Dental. I had a bone graph that now turned into an unbelievable painful dry socket due to Western Dental doctors and staff poor performance, pre and post opp care and downright negligence. I was never prescribed any antibiotics before or after the bone graft surgery and it got highly infected and pussed in my mouth and it is still a very unbearable pain. How are you now? If you can please call me, I’d like to help you in anyway I can. 619-952-1277

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