The plaintiff in a Warfarin lawsuit, Nader Benz, has received support from lawyers and legal professionals throughout the country. He is represented by the Law Office of Assistant Attorney General Tom Price. He lives in Mansfield, OH. The lawsuit was filed in January, 2021. Prior to filing the lawsuit, the plaintiff had been experiencing pain and discomfort in his lower back region. It was such that when he went to see his physician he was diagnosed with sciatica.

Warfarin Lawsuit

This condition is a result of compression of the spinal cord, as well as the sciatic nerve, which are typically caused by strain on the back muscles. Nader Benz feels very fortunate that after taking some time to learn more about the case and how to prepare for it, he felt he could make the best out of the situation. The first thing he did was get copies of medical bills, and work out what coverage the insurance company would have for treating his pain.

There were several physicians that treated him, but to no avail.

When he asked the Warfarin Lawyer, Mr. Aaron Katz, if they could assist him with a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) policy, he was told that there was no such thing. There are several PPOs that are offered through various health insurance companies and he was informed that there is not one offered specifically for someone with a herniated disc. The lawsuit was subsequently denied. Mr. Katz did advise Nader Benz of a group of physicians who may be able to help, and thus referred him to lawyers who specialize in this type of case.

There are other factors that led Mr. Katz to file suit.

According to him, once he started to receive treatment, it appeared that the amount of time that he would need to recover was increasing. A few of the other physicians he was seeing also claimed that there was not a feasible PPO policy available. There was no option but for Mr. Katz to accept the limited treatment provided. It was at this point that the lawsuit began.

There was extensive evidence that Mr. Katz’s condition had improved considerably before he was placed back into surgery.

However, when he went under the knife again, he was not expected to ever regain the full use of his limbs. In addition to the fact that Mr. Katz had to deal with the painful physical effects of the surgery, there was the issue of all his medical bills and what they meant for his income. The lawsuit settled on a lot of money, and he was able to pay all of these bills with just one payment each month.

The Warfarin lawsuit is similar to the ones that have been brought against doctors over the last decade or so.

The large amounts of money being paid out in settlements are simply a symptom of the pain that those suffering from herniated discs go through. It appears that most physicians will not be made readily available to herniated disc patients or will refuse to provide them with an appropriate alternative to existing treatments, despite the fact that the treatments are fully approved and medically recommended by medical professionals.

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