A United Dental Group lawsuit is a legal claim that was filed against the United Dental Group (Dental group of which the leading companies are, including Aetna, Humana, Delta, Assurant Health, and Cigna) on behalf of individual dental patients. The groups alleged that they were not adequately notified by United Dental Group about the risks of allowing unsupervised dentists to perform cosmetic procedures on their patients. After learning of these problems, the groups asked for an investigation into the matter. At this point, the lawsuit was turned over to a Philadelphia law firm, which specializes in cases such as these. The goal of this law firm is to not only seek damages for the patients but also to prevent another similar case from occurring.

United Dental Group Lawsuit

Attorneys at this law firm have handled many similar cases. In fact, all of the attorneys at this firm have handled cases similar to this one. Most of these cases involved dental implants that resulted in severe complications and required extensive medical treatment. In each of these instances, the dental attorneys at this law firm were successful in getting the courts to order reparations for their clients.

It should be noted that this particular Philadelphia-based law firm is not the only one that handles such cases.

There are several such firms across the country, with attorneys who are experienced in representing plaintiffs. It is important to note that although these cases are frequently won, they are rarely decided in the favor of the defendant. This is due to the extreme complexity of the cases, which involves taking care of a complex patient and ensuring that the appropriate medical care is sought before trial. A contingency arrangement is used in some instances where the case may be too complex to resolve.

If you are a patient or member of a group that you feel has been a victim of discrimination due to your appearance at a dentist’s office, you should contact a Philadelphia attorney.

You can contact an attorney at the ADA’s office in front of us or visit our website. At our website, you will find information about how to file a complaint if you have been a victim of such harassment. Additionally, if you have been a patient at a dentist office and have experienced a painful experience, you can file a claim for pain and suffering. This type of case requires a lot of hard work from a doctor or other provider.

If you have suffered injuries at the hands of a dentist, you may be able to make a claim for compensation based on the severity of your injuries.

To do so, you will need to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney will inform you of the specifics of any applicable dental group lawsuit laws in your area. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

For more information on filing a claim with the ADA, you can contact a Philadelphia attorney today.

Your attorney will help you understand your chances of success and will review all of your options. Our team of attorneys will work diligently to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive representation possible. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a dentist, we are confident that our team of highly skilled professionals can help you pursue your claim.

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