Allergy Labs – Protects Your Right to Fight a Lawsuit

The United States vs. the World Technology Network case has made a strong point for the victims of allergy attacks, by providing clear legal precedence on the matter. On May 6th, in a rather routine proceeding, the United States vs. World Technology Network presented their complaint against defendant “Thomas H. Sterner”. This was a case which involved a very ordinary office supply problem, in which the defendant’s stationery had inadvertently contained some trace amounts of a harmless coloring agent.

United Allergy Labs Lawsuit

But that was not all. There was much more at stake here than an ordinary office supply problem. For the allergy testing clinics and the many thousands of patients who rely on allergy tests to keep them healthy, the stakes were much too high, and this case turned out to be one which became much more than a typical allergy problem story.

The story begins in 1998, when a small boy developed an allergy to eggs.

Naturally, his parents freaked out and called the local allergy testing clinics, but they could find no evidence of such a reaction. It was a close call, and Thomas H. Sterner was already well into his career as an allergist, having been trained at the renowned John Hopkins University. In other words, his chances of success were excellent. That’s precisely what happened, but Thomas H. Sterner proceeded with his business plans.

At first, things were fine.

There were only a handful of annual allergy testing clinics, and Thomas H. Sterner’s customers provided him with plenty of business. But something was wrong. His charts and graphs did not show any significant increase in absolute numbers for each allergy test result. This was not expected, because asthma and all types of allergies can cause an irregular rise or fall in the numbers of allergy testing performed.

Then, in 2021, Thomas H. Sterner received an award of nearly one million dollars from the United States Congress for what he thought was a defective product, but in actuality, had done nothing to alter the safety of allergy testing.

This is particularly disturbing, because the courts are generally willing to allow lawsuits of this type to proceed, even if there is a genuine question of whether the safety of such tests have been changed due to litigation. When it comes right down to it, allergy testing clinics are well within their rights to conduct these tests. They are simply not required to perform them according to regulations that have been set by the US Food and Drug Administration, or any other government regulatory agency.

When this company was found to have conducted fraudulent allergy testing without telling the FDA what it had done, the penalties the company paid for its negligence was quite large, to say the least.

A large number of its vendors were hit with class-action suits, and many individuals who were negatively affected by this fraudulent action were also able to receive monetary compensation. It is important to remember that allergy testing is a critical part of ensuring that those who have been exposed to a dangerous substance can live their lives free of repercussions from such exposure. Allergy labs should be held accountable for the actions taken in their testing of products that are responsible for the health and wellness of all Americans.

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