When someone suffers from SERTA based antidepressants, they may file a Sertraline lawsuit. Many of these lawsuits have been filed by individuals who have truly suffered from clinical depression, suicidal thoughts and sexual dysfunction brought on by taking this commonly prescribed drug. However, many of these claims, while possibly true, were largely overstated. However, it still does illustrate that settlements and Sertraline lawsuit cases can be very harmful to an individual who has legitimately suffered as a result of taking this medication.

Sertraline Lawsuit

A great deal of publicity has sprung around the use of sertraline for treating depression. As a result of these and other such claims, a great number of consumers feel that they are entitled to seek monetary compensation due to the damages they believe their use has caused them. It is not unusual for an individual to file a lawsuit pertaining to the supposed birth defect that was supposedly caused by taking sertraline.

As a result, not only does one suffer from emotional trauma, but they are often required to pay for costly medical treatments that, in some cases, may prove to be unnecessary. In addition to the monetary issues, many lawsuits have also resulted in the disclosure of potential drugs used in the production of the antidepressant in question, which could harm public health in general.

In one of the more notorious cases of a Sertraline lawsuit, a man filed a lawsuit against a particular drug manufacturer claiming that the drug he had been taking caused him to have serious physical and/or psychological birth defects.

In addition to seeking compensation for his loss, the man’s attorney was also seeking monetary damages based upon the negligence of the company in which sertraline was manufactured. Ultimately, the court ruled in the man’s favor, awarding him a substantial sum of money. Despite this victory, attorneys who file such lawsuits are not out of hope as the pharmaceutical companies continue to fight back against such accusations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was forced to institute an internal review in 2002 that prompted the FDA to re-examine the manufacturing processes of sertraline.

The internal review discovered that shampoos containing low levels of potassium and calcium were used in conjunction with sertraline in order to increase its effectiveness and minimize any side effects. After conducting its internal investigation, the FDA issued a warning to consumers advising that there has been an increase in reported Sertraline birth defects over that last five years and that these defects could potentially lead to premature birth.

Although the FDA acknowledged that the incidence of birth defects was actually higher than would be expected, it stated that the agency is still examining the possibility that the increase was caused by mixing the two drugs. The FDA also stated that it is not currently aware of any deaths directly resulting from the use of sertraline but has recommended that pregnant women either stop using the medication or consult with their doctors.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit have opposed the FDA’s warnings, stating that they pose a health risk to their customers.

Additionally, plaintiffs contend that the FDA’s investigation into the tainted Zoloft was inadequate and did not take into consideration the long-term use that plaintiffs would have with such a drug. Furthermore, plaintiffs have pointed out that the FDA’s warnings have failed to inform consumers that they can also be sued when a drug’s use results in the occurrence of a Sertraline birth defect. Furthermore, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue that the FDA’s actions regarding the tainted Zoloft resulted in their loss of six months of salary, medical benefits and pain and suffering.

The plaintiffs in the sertraline lawsuit have been granted preliminary relief, meaning that the lawsuit is expected to go to court at some point.

If the case does go to court and is resolved favorably, the plaintiffs would be entitled to compensation for their time during which they endured a birth defect, as well as medical bills that resulted from those defects. However, should the case be denied, the plaintiffs may still be eligible for additional compensation for pain and suffering.

For more information about filing a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline, contact a personal injury attorney. There are many attorneys who specialize in personal injury law and are familiar with both Sertraline and other popular antidepressants. If you have a loved one who suffered due to the defendant’s negligence, contact an attorney today to discuss a possible lawsuit.

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  1. I was prescribed Sertraline when 74 ( I think, as I’m never sure of anything anymore). Dr. Doubled dosage when 3 members of family died in one month. I thought I had Alzheimer’s and was dizzy, and falling a lot. I went down hill from there. I am slowly recovering and quit Sertraline after reading a warning that evidently was for druggist, not for my eyes. In big red letters across an 8×11 white sheet of paper were the words DO NOT GIVE TO ANYONE OVER 65 and underneath the one word side effects and I had every side effect. ( I never before read side effects as I figured I would recognize them… but not when brain compromised,) YOU DONT REALIZE ANYTHING)
    I hollered OMG. This is what’s wrong with me! On my first trip to Mayo for MRI, I wasn’t all that bad. Dizzy and side stepping when walking to keep my balance, sometimes falling, spent my days looking for things, memory issues…. Things definitely went downhill from there…. I’m improving slowly but surely, but every day is a struggle,
    Doctors want to avoid me like the plague, the doctor who prescribed drug, is mad at me claiming he never prescribed Sertraline to anyone over 65 after I told him about my problems, 3 years later. My orthodontist was only doctor who actually cared about my Sertraline problem ( yes I actually had to have braces on my teeth to keep them in place and in retainers now ..I’ll be 80 this year). After my orthodontist asking me why I was going to Mayo, I said I think because of Sertraline, talk about upset!!! He said no wonder I had trouble trying to control your teeth and wanted my doctor to call him so he could inform him about Sertraline. My youngest granddaughter was prescribed Sertraline: gained 40 lbs, had to have glasses, removal of gall bladder and has a fatty liver. Had to quit basketball because of pain and no depth perception. A real nightmare for her… even now has trouble getting the A’s she was normally getting in school. I can’t find a doctor as Mayo made sure and communicated to all my problems were not from Sertraline. In bed with Big Pharma and China is my assumption. I’d like to make sure that everyone is aware of the serious problems with Sertraline… lawsuits might just be our only advocate….
    I’m still struggling but at least I can now read and comprehend is such a blessing as I love to read books. I’ve had cataracts to be operated on that has since gone away, I’ve order and bought multiples of same item, forgetting about previous purchase… 3 vacuums in one month, 4 auto deliveries in one month of 1 supplement, 2 power washers, 2 chainsaws and thousands of Dollars worth of supplements, etc. just to try and get me over this horrible ordeal. I’m paying bills on time, no more late fees, my children roll their eyes, and I’m so hurt with comments from friends and family and doctors..she’s getting senile , just wanting attention when I needed help getting out of bleachers at sports games etc. my family has grown apart as I couldn’t follow a simple recipe in order to have family get togethers (plus they thought “senile”) and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced smoke filled rooms and ruined pans from leaving something on stove. Thank God I don’t do that anymore. Read the Mayo Clinic Research on Sertraline ( unless they’ve removed it). Me and the monkeys given Sertraline have two areas of brain smaller than normal… I’m positive one is the memory area. When I told a doctor that she said.. “did you have your brain MRI’ed before sertraline? Doctors refuse to acknowledge Sertraline problem.. You would not believe how many women I’ve talked to that recently had prescription changed to Sertraline. China and Big Pharma pushing it to dumb us down? And filling up nursing homes. These women have had daily diarrhea, hair loss, trouble with control of bladder, cataracts starting as young as late 50’s and worse, just like me….

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