A recent class-action lawsuit against Samsung for defective ice makers claims that the company has failed to adequately remedy a problem with its refrigerators. The defect may result in leaking ice inside the fridge or a stuck ice bucket, and many consumers have filed complaints with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Better Business Bureau. The company has attempted to avoid liability by offering partial refunds and replacements, but Cargill says she is determined to get her money back.

Despite the claims of thousands of customers, Samsung has failed to take action and fix the problem.

In May 2017, the company issued a service bulletin, expanding on the problems reported by many consumers. This bulletin is included in the class-action lawsuit, and the plaintiffs are appealing the ruling. While the complaint was filed in May 2017, it has attracted eight thousand Facebook members. In the meantime, the company is recommending that its customers join a Facebook group dedicated to the lawsuit.

The suit argues that Samsung has failed to provide adequate replacement or repair services. The company has also refused to issue a recall or offer a repair for defective refrigerators. However, the complaint cites the existence of a service bulletin issued by Samsung in July 2015. This bulletin expands upon the problems described by a large number of consumers. The suit points out that this bulletin was issued in 2015 and again in May 2017.

The class-action lawsuit has been ongoing for months and could take years to resolve.

As with any lawsuit, it’s best to get an attorney to help you file a case. If your refrigerator is faulty, the company will pay you back. If the complaint has been filed properly, Samsung may settle the case for a small amount of money. The court may require additional evidence, which will likely lead to a settlement.

A Samsung fridge lawsuit class action may take many months to resolve. It is likely to take years if the lawsuit is not resolved. In the meantime, a settlement agreement will be reached between the parties. The process is based on the class actions that were filed by consumers in the U.S. district court for the District of New Jersey. A final judgment is expected in the case within two to three years. The lawsuit is against Samsung’s ice maker in residential refrigerators, which has a built-in ice dispenser.

The lawsuit was filed in June 2017, and it is the first of its kind in the United States.

There are more than 10,000 Samsung fridge class action complaints filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Better Business Bureau. One such complaint was filed in Indiana on July 14, 2021. A further 44 cases have been filed with the Indiana Attorney General’s office since 2009, which is an indication of the widespread nature of the problem. While Samsung has not acted appropriately, the lawsuit is an important step in restoring the trust of consumers and addressing concerns about a defective product.

Although Samsung is not required to recall refrigerators, it should still comply with the requirements of the law. It should be prepared to refund consumers who are not satisfied with the product. Moreover, the company should provide a solution to the problem of water in the icemaker in its refrigerators. The lawsuit will be filed in the federal courts in the United States. This lawsuit is filed by a group of consumers in the U.S. and various other countries.

The lawsuit against Samsung has been in mediation for more than a year.

The class action claims that Samsung refrigerators have a defect in their ice tray. This is a major source of leakages and slush in the refrigerator. Moreover, the defect can lead to excessive fan noise. The case has reached the court level after a year of mediation. As a result of this, the case may take months or even years.

The Samsung fridge lawsuit was originally filed in 2015 by Ronald Bianchi on behalf of a class of customers. The lawsuit was successfully settled by the judge, and the plaintiffs will receive compensation. The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey ordered the company to settle the class action and provide refunds to consumers. The defendant in the class action is Samsung Electronics America Inc., which is not responsible for the settlement.

14 thoughts on “Samsung Fridge Lawsuit Class Action

    1. We have a Samsung Refrigerator and we have had the icemaker replaced 3 times and we still continue to have problems.

  1. My Samsung refrigerator freezer has been nothing but a problem since we purchased the refrigerator in 2019. The ice maker freezes up and must be defrosted regularly. We will never purchase a Samsung product again!

  2. interested in how to join the lawsuit, our Samsung Refrigerator has stopped making ice , the water will not discharge after changing the filter and frost is showing inside along the back wall vents.

  3. I would like to know how to join this group. I have had the freezing problem with the ice maker and now the bottom drawer.

  4. I received an email dated Jan 7, 2022, that I would be hearing back after I logged in with my reference # 3123213WK4ZR. & model # RF28HFEDBSR. I’m still waiting to hear from a third-party vendor.

  5. I have one of the Samsung ref. with ye ice maker problem can I get in on the class action

  6. RE: Samsung RFG297HDRS/XAA. Gave up on our icemaker years ago and disconnected. Have been periodically removing pantry tray as we feel resistance upon withdrawing, thawing and removing ice thereunder, and waiting another month or so to do the same again. Now, fresh food compartment is staying in the 50s though freezer is okay. Drains seem to be patent. Suspect fan has finally expired due to ice buildup obstruction. We’re ready to throw in the towel and go back to Sears if they still sell refrigerators.

  7. how do i get on the list my fridge makes no ice dose not coolright runs and runs and the digital is not working right very unhappy junk 5 yrs old

  8. My name is Mrs. Sandra Futrell I purchased a Samsung refrigerator, stove smooth top convection, microwave, and dishwasher 4 years ago the refrigerator cost me $2900 by itself I had ice for 1 month I had to call our home owners insurance 8 times each time I had pay $60, than $120, now its $142 . The ice maker still doesn’t work iv’e been buying bag ice for four years. My deli meat, cheese gets mold on it meat spoils now there’s big chunks of ice on the back wall ,and the milk always spoils within a week. My dishwasher the light want go off. And my stove the light for the heating drawer want go out. I’ need a new refrigeratorASAP I CANT AFFORD TO KEEP REPLACEING FOOD, or keep trying to chisel the ice off the back wall of the refrigerator I’m tired and very disappointed that SAMSUNG WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF THERE CUSTOMERS. They need to buy me a new refrigerator and come pick up this garbage. Sincerely Mrs Sandy FUTRELL.

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