A recent party city lawsuit against Party City LLC is a major case going before the Superior Court of California. The complaint filed by the plaintiffs claims that the business intentionally violated the state labor code by arbitrarily changing time records and in turn failing to appropriately compensate their employees for overtime or for missed break times. Although the party city stores deny liability, they are appealing the court’s denial of their request for an automatic stay. If the case goes to trial it could potentially reach the US Supreme Court.

Party City Lawsuit

The labor laws in California are designed to protect the interests of both employees and employers. However the rights of one class of people are being challenged. That’s because the benefits of the lawsuit allow for the taking of a position by another party which is not required when the original contract is settled. It also allows one employee to bring a case against another for breach of contract and unfair labor practice.

What this means is that if you or your employer feels that you have been unfairly disadvantaged by another party city store while engaging in your work, you can file a complaint in order to recover damages.

It will be up to the court to decide whether or not the store has acted in a manner that is in violation of the law. On the other hand, the store owners argue that they are innocent of any wrongdoing. They also point out that all employees were laid off at the end of last year. The reason given was that there was economic decline in the state.

Because of these arguments and the implications of the ruling, many lawyers are predicting a significant victory for the plaintiffs in this labor case.

The lawsuit revolves around two issues. The first is over pay and overtime compensation. In the complaint the plaintiffs argue that they have been illegally denied overtime pay while working at the same time.

The second issue revolves around the employer’s general duties towards their workers. It is argued that this company abused their power as employer by requiring their employees to work additional hours beyond their contractual amount.

If you wish to pursue a claim against this business, you will need to consult an attorney who specializes in this type of case.

There are many local attorneys in the city of Philadelphia who specialize in these types of cases. Your initial consultation should allow you to determine if you wish to pursue the matter to the fullest extent possible. If you do decide to pursue the case, the goal of your attorney is to have the judgment set aside so that it cannot stand in front of a judge.

The attorneys handling the case will prepare the necessary paperwork, conduct interviews with witnesses and take care of any discovery that is related to the case. They will aggressively fight for your rights and make sure that they obtain the most favorable ruling possible. You will have the opportunity to speak with a judge during a court case. A reputable attorney will treat you with respect and make sure that you have every advantage in this case.

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