The bayview loan servicing lawsuit is a huge topic on the foreclosure gossip circuit. This is because this type of lawsuit is quite new and has only recently been enforced in all states, which makes it a little harder to find information on. The main point of this type of lawsuit is to determine if there was any wrongdoing by the lender in underwriting or otherwise, and if so, to hold the lender accountable for their actions. Basically, this lawsuit is designed to make sure that the homeowner is fairly compensated for their losses, or at least get their money back, should the lender have been negligent in some way.

Bayview Loan Servicing Lawsuit

Bayview Properties is one of the largest holders of foreclosure properties in the country. A number of different lenders are involved in the process of foreclosure on these properties. A Bayview attorney will first try to figure out what has gone wrong with the foreclosure in order to prove their case in court. Once they figure out the root of the problem, the attorney will then try to work out a reasonable settlement deal with the lender, to get them to agree to the terms that the attorney is going to present to them.

One thing that makes this type of lawsuit very unique, is the amount of information that is required of the plaintiffs in order to be successful in their lawsuits.

The Bayview loan servicing lawsuit requires information such as the original loan agreement, the payment schedule, the monthly payments, and whether there were late payments or missed payments reported against the property. Essentially, this lawsuit requires a level of detail that most other types of cases do not require.

Unfortunately, many people falsely believe that they can easily get rich from winning a bayview loan servicing lawsuit.

Although you may be able to get a settlement or judgment in court, it will not make you rich. The reality is that a large part of the cost of fighting a lawsuit like this, is the fees that the attorneys get, and they usually only require a percentage of the total judgment to be paid. What this means is that you are going to end up paying the same sum of money no matter what the final outcome of the lawsuit is.

A huge mistake that many people make when considering filing a bayview loan servicing lawsuit is thinking that they can simply take out money from their bank accounts and pay off the debt.

This simply is not the case, as banks generally are not in the business of taking money from their customers’ accounts to settle their debts. In addition, if the plaintiff wins their lawsuit, they are required to reimburse the bank for their legal fees, so they will not be able to simply walk away with any cash from the settlement.

There are many more details to the bayview loan servicing lawsuit, but hopefully this overview has given you some insight into what to expect from this type of case.

If you have been the victim of false and fraudulent lending practices and want to seek retribution, then you may wish to consult with an attorney who deals with these types of cases. The fees for this consultation are generally minimal and are well worth it to get your lawsuit taken care of.

2 thoughts on “Facts About Bayview Loan Servicing Lawsuits

  1. Bayview created false foreclosure records on my sister’s home, filed them in Tennessee and sold her home on the Court House steps.
    She got a temporary recision, though as soon as I started looking for others that Bayview had scammed on Google her house was mysteriously burned down. Bayview immediately got a check for $60,000.00 from her homeowners insurance. She has found others whose homes also have mysteriously burned down that were fighting against their unlawful foreclosures. I have spent over 80 hours researching Bayview from the inception of this company and what I found was terrifying.

  2. Bayview and their COUNTLESS SUBSIDIARIES have a scam that goes like this;

    1: They pray on the elderly in about 80% of their foreclosures.

    2: They mail notices to their victims at addresses in states that they have never lived in.

    3: They then register their false foreclosure records and notices in the county that you DO LIVE IN.

    4: The Court employees who process their phony records have NO CLUE as the paperwork looks legitimate.

    4: Then the Sheriffs Department shows up at your door and tel you that you have to move your house has been sold due to foreclosure.

    5: You are in shock and don’t even know how to disprove the claim by Bayview.

    6: You can show EVERY cancelled check and that you have never missed a payment and/or your house is already paid off.

    7: Bayview knows that by the time you get a general idea that they are scammers…it’s too late and their pockets are deeper than yours.

    8: More people than just my sister have had their house mysteriously burned down.

    9: It costs money for lawyers and Bayview has enough lawyers to BURY YOURS IN PAPERWORK.

    10: Join the class action suit with Morgan & Morgan.

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