A New Jersey man is currently undergoing a personal injury lawsuit after he was injured while working on an oil rig in 2021. The incident happened at the request of another N.V.C. worker who thought that the plaintiff, whom he called J.T., had been drinking a large amount of alcohol that day.

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In July of last year, J.T. experienced what he believed to be a heart attack and began having chest pains and trouble breathing. He also noticed that his skin began to bruise and he had rashes all over his body. At one point during the investigation by N.V.C. investigators, they learned that J.T. had made an injury claim against President Donald Trump’s Fitness LLC, which is owned by the president.

Two weeks later, on Aug. 18, J.T. received his second visit from investigator from N.V.C. Investigators learned that J.T. was not the victim of President Trump’s Fitness LLC, but rather another defendant.

They also learned that President Trump’s Fitness LLC was liable for negligence because it did not make sure that J.T. ‘s safety records were kept properly or hire an adequate public safety contractor during the construction of the offshore oil rig.

Because President Trump is an owner of the company and also owns several properties in the Bahamas, the lawyers believe that the lawsuit can potentially damage his credibility nationwide.

Additionally, there is a possibility that the claim might be dropped due to a lack of evidence. There is also a possibility that the case may never go to trial if the defendant does not agree to pay the plaintiff’s claims. The chances of winning this lawsuit are very low, especially if other defendants choose to side with the N.V.C. attorneys who are aggressively pursuing the case.

Although J.T. is currently undergoing therapy and physical rehabilitation at a private clinic, he will not be released from his current position until the case concludes.

A potential compromise on the terms of the settlement could further negatively impact his financial future, especially if he loses his job due to the lawsuit. Also, the settlement could be tied up for years, leaving J.T. with substantial financial strains while he recovers from his injuries. This type of scenario could have a major impact on his personal life and emotional well-being.

Despite these concerns, the lawsuit is moving forward. Plaintiffs J.T. and L.P. of Curacao are asking a U.S. District Court judge for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction against defendant President Trump and his businesses. The immediate goal is to determine whether the injuries sustained as a result of President Trump’s fitness for office can be admitted as a legitimate claim. If the complaint is not resolved in the plaintiff’s favor in the near future, the plaintiffs may ask the court to dismiss the case altogether.

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