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Recently there have been a number of Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart filed by employees and former employees. These lawsuits, and the responses from Wal-Mart management, raise questions about whether the corporate veil is too thick. Is Wal-Mart being held responsible for negligent actions or inactions of its own employees? In essence, are they being sued because they are human beings like us and deserve some form of recourse for our wrong doings?

One case that I recently saw on cable news involved an injury case in Florida that was settled with a $1.75 million settlement.

The incident in question was a battery that occurred while the claimant, a seventy-year-old retired engineer was at work. The dispute arose over whether or not the supervisor had instructed his employee to place him in a chair in order to test how comfortable he would sit in a chair after hours. The settled case went to court and the employee’s attorney alleged that he had been subjected to battery that day.

There are a number of reasons that lawyers find these Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart disturbing.

The first is the apparent pattern of company policy encouraging and even requiring wrongful behavior by its employees. If a corporate policy can be proven to say that an employee has caused damage in a situation that falls under the class of Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart then the corporation is held liable for the action. It may be difficult to prove these cases, but it is important not to second guess the legal process in this case. The litigation process is designed for just this reason.

Another reason why lawyers are very eager to file these lawsuits is because it allows them to put the corporate policies on trial.

For many corporations the current lawsuits will serve as a deterrent. It is common for corporate officers to fire any employee who brings up a case against the company. This type of reaction from management is not necessarily illegal per se, but often happens.

Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart have been filed by workers for injuries sustained on the job.

The types of injuries include repetitive motion injury, stress caused from excessive hours, and caused by working too much and not getting enough rest. Some lawyers have also handled Class Action Lawsuits against Wal-Mart and have settled cases out of court sometimes allowing for substantial compensation. In one case lawyers won a case that was worth $6 million.

Lawyers who handle such cases are often very busy. They will normally have many clients who want to sue Wal-Mart. There are many current case law books on the market and most law firms will have entire departments whose sole job is to file a new case law. The number of lawyers practicing this case law is expected to grow substantially in the next few years.

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  1. I am currently employed with Wal Mart and over a I noticed that my belly button was now an outtie. No I had started gaining some weight and kinda figured it might be because of that. But then one-day a friend was over and I had my shirt off and he asked me how long have I had the hernia. Now I didn’t have this before starting work at Wal Mart. So my next scheduled shift I got a min. To speak to the manager and showed him. His response was he laughed and said get back to work. I was like what? Really? He told me that the kind of hernia that I have is the lamest of all kinds of hernias that I could have got it from sneezing or caughfing or pushing a poo to hard. Now I didn’t argue with him other then saying it’s a hernia that I got from working here. And I’m not TRIng to get rich or anything like sueing I just want it fixed. He again laughed at me and said that we can go the workmen’s comp way but Walmarts attorneys and drs. Are way better then who ever I could afford to represent me. Now there was a whiteness to this conversation but he no longer works for Walmart. And here I am some year later and I still have the hernia and have not had the time or money or good enough insurance or enough time off to have it fixed or even looked at . I just turned 53 and I don’t think I’ll be at Wal Mart much longer. What should I do?

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