Class Action Lawsuits is usually brought against a pharmaceutical company or manufacturer when that company does not act responsibly in relation to the health of their consumers. Class action lawsuits are usually brought on behalf of individual plaintiffs, but can also be filed on behalf of large groups of people who have been negatively affected by the actions of a corporation. The complaint in a class action lawsuit revolves around a breach of contract or a misrepresentation of a product by the defendant.

Class Action Lawsuit Metformin

In addition to being a legal form of lawsuit, Class Action Lawsuits is also very financially draining on both sides. Filing a lawsuit requires funding in the form of fees to attorneys and the cost of carrying the case through to the end. Without an attorney, the plaintiff will not be able to obtain the monetary compensation that they are seeking and without an attorney, the defendant may not be able to fight back in court and defend themselves from the legal actions of the plaintiff. The cost of a legal case is typically one of the main factors that drive it. It can cost anywhere between thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to file a lawsuit.

Unfortunately for the plaintiff, class action lawsuits against drugs such as Metformin often result in very low awards or settlements.

The fact of the matter is that these types of cases are very difficult to win, as the medical community tends to view these cases as life-threatening situations. Also, there are many factors that must be proven in order for a class action lawsuit to be successful. The claims must be proved beyond reasonable doubt, the scientific evidence needs to be conclusive and there needs to be enough evidence for a reasonable person to believe that the effects of the drugs taken have caused or are causing the harm the plaintiff is claiming.

For example, plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Metformin often claim that the drug has caused liver damage and kidney damage.

The fact of the matter is that this type of harm is usually temporary. The damages claimed will usually reduce as time goes by. In addition, the amount of money that is recovered from a settlement based upon this type of evidence is usually quite small. Because of these facts, class action lawsuits against drugs like Metformin are not very common.

Another reason why a class action lawsuit against drugs like Metformin is not very common is because most of the plaintiffs involved do not receive any compensation.

It has been estimated that less than five percent of all class action lawsuit plaintiffs receive any compensation from companies like GlaxoSmithKline. Another reason why this is the case is that these kinds of lawsuits are generally difficult to win. There simply is not enough evidence to support the claims being made. Sometimes, the amount of evidence required to support a class action lawsuit against a particular drug can take years to gather. Also, courts tend to rule in favor of the defendant, so the chances of obtaining compensation for your injury from a company like GlaxoSmithKline are slim.

One class action lawsuit against a drug was brought against GlaxoSmithKline by the families of three men who died from heart problems caused by Metformin.

The families alleged that GlaxoSmithKline knew that metformin was a dangerous drug and that it caused these men to suffer premature deaths. Although the jury eventually awarded a $1.75 million settlement to the victims’ families, this was reduced to a contingency when the judge stated that it was not clearly intended to cause death. Another class action lawsuit against a drug was brought against Merck, the main manufacturer of the drug Singulair. This suit was brought on behalf of the families of a man who died of antineoplastic lung disease as a result of using Singulair. While the verdict may not have been as large as the one obtained against GlaxoSmithKline, it still represented a significant victory for the plaintiffs.

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  1. My sister-in-law took Metformin for years. She died of kidney failure and Metformin as stated on Certificate of Death in July 2021.

  2. I took Metformin for five years until it burnt me a new asshole…I ended being a great toilet cleaner….it’s bad medicine…really bad…should be listed an experimental drug …I lost no weight, actually gained weight…now my doctor says I have non alcoholic fatty liver disease…man am I pissed off..

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