This article will give you a general idea of what is contained in the Blue Buffalo Dog Food Class Action Lawsuit. You should keep in mind, though, that this is only a general overview of the lawsuit itself and what you can expect from it. You should seek legal counsel if you are thinking of filing suit against this or any company for their poor product quality or dangerous ingredient lists. Also, since the lawsuit is being filed by an individual, you may have a hard time convincing courts of your damages unless you prove negligence on the part of the company manufacturing the dog food. If you do win the lawsuit, you may be able to receive a large amount of compensation for both financial and non-financial losses.

On a basic level, the complaint in the Blue Buffalo Dog Food Class Action Lawsuit revolves around two categories of ingredients.

It states that the company manufactured two different kinds of dog food and failed to warn the public of the high risk of consuming harmful ingredients, some of which could potentially cause death. Among the ingredients, the lawsuit lists are chemicals used to make flavoring, artificial sweeteners, and wheat allergenic ingredients. There have also been claims that some of the supposedly natural dogs treat caused cancer and kidney failure.

The class-action lawsuit filed against Blue Buffalo was filed by the California State Attorney General, alleging the company knowingly sold dog food contaminated with lead, a toxin used to kill rats and contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. The Class Action Lawsuit further states that Blue Buffalo knew the preservative benzyl peroxide was dangerous and still sold the product, despite knowing that the FDA had warned that the chemical could cause serious health problems. You can read more about the specifics of the lawsuit at the website mentioned below.

The second category of ingredients included in the Class Action Lawsuit claims that the Blue Buffalo Dog Food products are harmful because they are bad for dogs and cause obesity.

The Class Action Lawsuit claims that Blue Buffalo promoted diets high in carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners, and further stated that the high-carbohydrate diet resulted in obesity among dogs. This is especially problematic considering that the United States federal government, along with numerous other international governments, have made efforts to reduce the number of carbohydrates consumed by dogs. In addition to decreasing carbohydrates, the United States has also passed laws encouraging the reduction of fatty acids and calories to decrease the incidence of canine obesity.

According to the class-action lawsuit, the preservative bromine was added to Blue Buffalo dog food products to keep the product from spoiling.

As a result, the lawsuit claims that dogs became very ill after regularly consuming the supposedly safe product, which contained high levels of Bromine. Additionally, the Class Action Lawsuit claims that the preservative Lye was added to many dog foods products, and this ingredient is also associated with increased levels of canine cancer.

Another claim made in the Class Action Lawsuit is that the manufacturer of Blue Buffalo Dog food failed to warn consumers that the dog food contains large quantities of the preservative Lye.

This preservative is highly dangerous for household pets because it can cause damage to pet organs like the liver, heart, and bones. Furthermore, the Class Action Lawsuit claims that the manufacturer failed to warn consumers that the product contains small quantities of lead, which is an extremely dangerous chemical. Lead can cause severe damage to children, as well as contribute to the development of hyperactivity and behavioral disorders in animals. The Class Action Lawsuit further claims that the manufacturers failed to warn consumers that the product contains poultry by-product meal, which is a highly dangerous ingredient. Finally, the Class Action Lawsuit claims that the manufacturers failed to warn consumers that the product contains concentrated protein.

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