It seems as if there is an endless stream of data on the benefits and/or dangers of taking an Effexor medication. The product website even states that their medication is “intended to help patients overcome difficulties associated with depression and general anxiety”. In fact, the Effexor lawsuits provide information on the side effects of the drug as well as potential complications such as suicidal thoughts, hostility, agitation, restlessness, irritability, and aggression. Effexor advertisements and literature even more emphasis on the importance of using the medication in helping to treat these symptoms.

Effexor Lawsuit Settlement

Recently recalled hip replacements such as that of Depuy led to quite a stir on the internet forum world. And just recently another one has developed quite a buzz, that of the Effexor lawsuit settlement. While FDA-approved and have gone through extensive clinical trials, many other ones such as those which were filed by consumers, have shown very obvious side effects yet still are just noted when in active use of even a wide variety of patients. Some of these side effects have been life threatening.

One such lawsuit states that the company knew as early as 1996 that its product caused death by liver failure.

The lead plaintiff in this case was a diabetic who was taking the regular effexor 75 mg Pfizer pill along with insulin. He suffered a stroke, but not until six months later. Effexor was not the only prescription drug that caused liver failure, nor was it the only one that did so.

As the years have progressed, other plaintiffs’ cases show that the dangers of taking prescription drugs also include depression, heart attacks and even lapsing into unconsciousness.

Many people have lost their lives to Effexor because of these side effects. The question is whether or not it was the drug that caused these problems, or if there was something else? Many people do not realize that even prescription pills, which are known as mood stabilizers can have dangerous side effects, such as nausea, headaches, muscle weakness, stomach problems and even coma. It is common knowledge today that it is essential for anyone who uses Effexor to get a prescription from a medical doctor before using it.

Effexor lawsuits have brought about a spotlight on this prescription drug’s dangerous side effects, and the huge profits made by pharmaceutical companies that sell them.

People who have suffered these life threatening side effects are now suing these companies and forcing them to pay damages. If you or someone you know have been affected by Effexor, then you owe it to yourself to contact a qualified personal injury attorney immediately. The first step you must take is to find out if you qualify for a lawsuit settlement.

Thousands of people have gotten compensation from the makers of Effexor, but you are not likely to be one of them. There is a large percentage of the general population that will never have problems related to side effects of Effexor medications, and of those people, many will not be able to afford health care or any kind of mental health care until their late thirties or forties. There is no reason for you to become one of the statistics.

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